Moved to teach for Buckland this semester--Heather

To Anyone Considering Buckland,

Please take the time to read this and carefully consider your decision to teach English in China with Buckland International Group. Normally, I would not write a letter of this kind, however I might actually have something useful to say for once and I would like to take advantage of the opportunity.

My husband and I came to China and worked for a year with a private school- thinking it was the wise choice, as it was run by a foreigner. We had considered Buckland, but were not sure about the security or support we would get. Although I do not wish to say anything negative about our first school, I can tell you that we had seriously considered moving on to another country after our contract was completed. Luckily, we had fallen in love with China and wanted to find another school or group to work with. We took another look at Buckland and decided to take a chance.
Now, we are so delighted with our decision to work with Buckland. I can honestly tell you that everything you read about them is true. They are so supportive and the working conditions are great. We are working less than a third of the hours we were last year and are having a hundred times more fun. From the first time I e-mailed them, they've been nothing but supportive, understanding, and most importantly- genuine. The people at Buckland care about you and the students first and foremost, which is rare in most cases. They spoke with us and listened to our questions and answers, and placed us in a school and town which really suits us.

Of course I could go on in detail about Buckland and why you should choose to work with them, but I'd rather sum it up with "trust me- I've been there and done that". We wish we had done more research into Buckland when we first came over, but at least now we can appreciate how good we have it working for them now!!

Heather McFadden


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