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On the corner of the campus

On the corner of the campus

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School Name: Huaxi Middle School
School type: Public School
School location:
Cheng du city, Si chuan Province,
Student population: 3000
Student level: High School, age 12-15
Foreign affair officer: Full-time on site

School Introduction:
School English site
Current teachers:


Cheng du city

Weather:The subtropical monsoon climate influenced by Sichuan Basin brings the annual average temperature in Chengdu to about 16 C (61 F). Another distinctive feature is humidity with clouds and mist and little sunlight. Chengdu's summer is sultry with low temperature morning and evening, but high after noon. To avoid strong ultraviolet radiation and to stay dry, take a raincoat. The average temperature in winter is about 5 degrees Centigrade. However, due to the clouds and moist weather, it feels very cold

Population:11.12 million

Average cost of living:1200rmb/month

Location:located in the central Sichuan Province

Local Attraction:
>>Buddha's Aureole
>>Guo Moruo Memorial Museum
>>Dujiangyan Irrigation System

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