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School Name:
Ch¨¦ng d¨± Bilingual Experiment School
School type:
public school
School location:
Ch¨¦ng d¨± city, Si Chuan Province
Student population: 2025
Student level: primary and junior high school, age 7-15
Teachers needed:
2, start Sep. 1st, 2010
Foreign affair officer: Full-time on site

School Introduction:
School web site£º:

Current teachers:



Ch¨¦ng d¨± city

Weather:The average winter temperature (January is the coldest month) lies between 3-8 degrees Celsius, while the average summer temperature (July being the coldest month) lies between 25-29 degrees Celsius. Average precipitation (strictly rainfall) for the Chengdu Plain is 1000 mm (about 40 in)

Population: 10,600,000

Average cost of living: 1200rmb/month

Location: Located in the southwest-central of si chuan Province.

Local Attraction:
1) Jiuzhaigou
2) Mount Emei Dujiangyan


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