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Baise Tiankeng

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School Name:
Baise Qi Fu High School
School type:
School location:
Baise city, Guangxi Province
Student population: 2500
Student level:
High School (K10-12), age 16-18;

Foreign affair officer: Full-time on site
Current teachers:




Some previous teachers:


    Katie     Joshua Butler   Randall

   Australia     USA       USA 

   2009-2010    2010-2011    2011-2012   


Shawn Riebold   Kaye Maley   Camilla Sharman  David

American      Australian    Australian      USA

20072008     2007-2008   2008-2009     2009-2010

School Introduction:
With the support of Kaizhi Cheng, Chairman of Guangzou Political Consultative Conference, with the donation of 18 million yuan (RMB) from Linji Peng, member of Guangzou Political Consultative Conference and under the leadership of the Party Committee and the government of Baise city, Qi Fu Senior High School was set up in February, 2000. It is new but quite modern and beautiful. It is one of the key schools in this region. Now the school covers an area of 9246 square meters with 145 staffs, 2278 students studying in 40 different classes. Over the past 3 years, the school was constructed by three stages. On the school campus, stand 11 tall new buildings. The total surface area of building is 29549.34 square meters. The teaching equipments are new and advanced with computer room, sound lab, physic lab, chemistry lab, and multimedia room and so on.
The campus is divided reasonably and scientifically into different areas---teaching area, sports area, teachers¨ housing area and students¨ housing area. Trees are planted in certain areas with lawns around. School also has prepared an apartment / flat with 4 rooms, a kitchen and a toilet for foreign teachers. It will have been finished being decorated before August 15th, 2009. It will have a computer, a telephone, an air conditioner and all other necessities. Qifu high school is trying to make sure that the foreign teachers will teach and live happily there.

Baise city

Weather: gentle four seasons, average temperatures are 23 ≧ annually, 10.8 ≧ in January and 33 ≧ in July

Population: 3,600,000

Average cost of living: 800rmb/month

Location: located in the northwest of Guangxi Province. To the east of Baise is Liuzhou, to the west is Yunan province, to the north is Geizhou province and to the south is Nanning.

Local Attraction:
 Chengbi Lake Scenic Spot
 Ganzhuang Mountain Buluotuo Cultural Tourist Attraction
 Huangjingdong national park

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