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School Name:
Hanzhong Longgang Middle School
School type:
School location:
Hanzhong city, Shaanxi Province
Student population: 2500

Student level:
Primary School, age 7-12; Middle School, age 12-14
Foreign affair officer:Full-time on site
Current teachers:



Some previous teachers:


School Introduction:
Hanzhong Longgang Secondary School is one of the boarding schools with the highest starting point, the best conditions for the modernization, which strongly supported by Hanzhong City Board of Education and People's Government of Nanzheng County.
Shaanxi invests 176 million investments to build Hanzhong Longgang Secondary School as one of the largest investment in southern Shaanxi; it covers an area of 168 acres.
Training the age of excellence for the Chinese nation and creating well-suited education for each child is the pursuit. of the school. Office of Education is committed to do high quality education, stress the development of efficient. The school efforts to create exquisite campus and fine- service teachers, to achieve high quality, internationalization, Personality.
Hanzhong Longgang Secondary School is trying to make sure that the foreign teachers will teach and live happily there.

               Hanzhong city
Hanzhong - one of the best cities of China's historical and cultural charm and rich in the Han cultural. The unique natural scenery is beautiful and comfortable for travel or home life.

Weather: gentle four seasons, the winter is not too cold; summer is not too hot.

Population: 3,720,000

Average cost of living: 800RMB/month

: located in the south-west of Shaanxi Province; to the north is Qingling; to the south is Pingba Mountain.

Local Attraction:

  • South Lake Scenic Area
  • Foping giant panda protection zones
  • Wuhou tomb, Liang Zhang Temple

More Hanzhong Travel guide:

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