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Please read through the entire application process below before you continue on to complete your application form.. If there is anything unclear to you about the process, we have an excellent FAQ page.

Please email the following documents to Michael by clicking here

1.the completed application form
2.the data page of your passport
3.a recent full body photo of you
4.a brief resume
5.degree and teaching certificates (if applicable)

Step 2:
Once we receive your documents we will process them, and successful candidates will be notified within three days; an approximate starting date that suits both parties will be discussed at that time. We will then send you a draft of the contract for you to review. This confirms that we have accepted you into our program.

Step 3:
Once you agree to our contract, please sign your name and email it to us. This confirms that you have accepted our contract and reserved a teaching position with Buckland. When the contract signing is completed, our visa specialist will email you the notices about the visa applying procedure and the necessary documents that you need to prepare for your visa.

Step 4:
After receiving all the documents from you, we will process the notification letter of foreigner's work permit for you and we will mail you the original documents to you if necessary; this will take us about two weeks.

Step 5:
Now you can safely begin to book your ticket to Guilin. Please inform us of your arrival date, time, flight number, and other flight details as soon as you get your ticket. We will confirm the travel information with you to ensure that we will meet you when arrive in Guilin or Yangshuo.

Step 6:
Go to a travel agency or the Chinese Embassy / Consulate to apply for a work visa along with all the papers we send to you. It usually takes 5 days for the embassy to process an application. One day or three day rush service is available too at an extra cost. At this time, you should also make all personal arrangements to leave your country.
(see resources)

Step 7:
When you arrive in Guilin, we will send a person to pick you up at the airport. Then you will be brought to our Buckland Hostel in Yangshuo and enjoy 7 days of orientation, training, and sightseeing. If required, during this time we will make arrangements for you to go to Guilin to take the necessary medical examination.

Step 8:
After your brief stay in Yangshuo, you will travel to your school. Travel to your school is fully arranged for you by Buckland, however, you may need to pay for the tickets upfront and your school will reimburse you the cost after your arrival.

Apply Now!

30 Conversational English Teacher positions
5 or 10 month contracts starting late Aug. 2018

Buckland International Education Group QUALIFICATIONS

1. Native English speakers, preferably from the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Ireland, or New Zealand

2. One of the following qualifications: bachelor degree or above, TESOL/TEFL certificate, equivalent teaching certificates, teaching experience

3. Age 20 - 60 year old and in good health


Maximum 15 teaching hours per week (usually Monday through Friday) delivered to students in public schools.

Contract Benefits

1. Up to 15,000 yuan monthly salary, depending on your qualifications. 100 - 200 Yuan for per extra teaching hour.

2. International Airfare allowance: 4,000 yuan for half school year contract, 8,000 yuan for one school year contract. Reimbursed at the completion of the contract.

3. Additional benefit for one academic year contract: 2,200 yuan completion bonus for completion of full academic year contract.

4. Additional benefit for degree holders of one academic year contract: one year medical and health insurance.

5. Up to 200 yuan per month utilities allowance

6. Up to 15 days consecutive sick leave with note from a doctor

7. Paid national holidays

8. Private apartment completed with utilities (air conditioner, stove, refrigerator, water heater, etc.)

9. Visa updating and renewing service

10. Free Mandarin lessons

Additional Benefits
Buckland International Education Group
1. Free one week teacher training and culture orientation

2. 24/7 on site staff for support

3. Official letter of invitation and sponsorship for work visas and permits

4. Local sightseeing tour during vacations

5. Free Pick-up at Guilin airport and transportation arrangement to teaching sites

6. Over 120 paid days off for one year contract (including weekends)

Most schools have a cafeteria which is usually free for employees. Some may charge 3 - 10 yuan per meal. Meals outside the school normally run from 8 - 15 yuan per person. Prices vary widely by locations. Your salary allotment takes this into account. You will also have a kitchen in your apartment which will allow you to cook for yourself. You are likely to find that students and their parents and also other teachers will often invite you to their homes for meals.

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Buckland International Education Group

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