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About us >Message from the CEO

Buckland Group was founded in 1999, 6 years after I ran Buckland school in Yangshuo, Guilin China. I am very glad Buckland has grown into an effective and reputable organization. Not only does it have its own language schools, it is also the premier bilingual education promotional organization in China. I have been gratified to have more than one hundred native English speakers every year joining our ranks.

Buckland's greatest strength is the ability to help the teachers enjoy their teaching life by ensuring a trouble free experience allowing them to feel happy with the school where they teach. Despite Buckland's efforts to make every school happy with their teachers, we are always trying to do a better job to serve and help meet more practical needs and demands. I sincerely hope that more and more teachers will come to teach in China with Buckland.

On behalf of Buckland Group, thank you all for your support and cooperation.

Owen Buckland
President and founder of Buckland Group


Buckland International Education Group

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