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Here's a list of posts and blogs that our current and previous teachers share their teaching lives in China with you. We hope you find some useful information here when considering working with Buckland.

For current teachers: if you have experiences or feedbacks of teaching English and living in China that you'd like others to know about, please write to us so that we may share your experiences.

So let me start by describing what normally happens when you arrive in China. 2016 Bob

Teacher Feedback, Derek Anderson 2014-2015

A Thank You Letter from Matt in Chengdu, 2014


katieloudreaming¡¯s Blog£¬ 2013 Newbies guide to Buckland International Education Group in China and what else to expect!!

Aaron¡¯s blog WALKWALKCHINAwww.walkwalkchina.blogspot.com

Mianyang Primary school in Sichuan province, 2011 --- Tara Einam

Ruiquan Middle School in Shaanxi province, 2011 -- Robert Riley

Tongzi in Guizhou province, beautiful rural town experience -- Brandon Mashia

Teaching English in Huaiya High School, Shaanxi province -- Aaron Peterson

Teach at WeiShan #1 Middle School, Shandong province ¨C Patrick Thompson

Teach at Qiyang #1 Middle School, Hunan Province -- Melanie Rankin

Life in Ankang City and Teaching at Peixin Primary School --Roslyn Hamilton

Teach at Yong Zhou No. 8 High School
--Katie & Paul

Liz's Blog Traveling while teaching in China

Shane Johnson's Blog of teaching and travelling in China

Daniella Wilkie's Blog

Laura & James' Blog

Teach English in Hunan, China -- Jennifer Bannon

Our three years teaching English experience in China-- Ryn & Lyn

Moved to teach for Buckland this semester --Heather McFadden

Thank you for making my dreams come true -- Shane Johnson

Experience from Tamzin Hardy teaching in Hanzhong city, Shaanxi province China -Tamzin Hardy

It is a challenge to teach different level students English in China but fun -- David Bartlett

A couple from Australian teach English in a small town, Yudu, China --Robert and Eileen

Experience of living and working at TianYang Experiment Primary School --Betsy Headley

"Moving from Guilin to a small town in Sichuan"--Heather Lowry

Life in Ningdu, a small town in Jiangxi province, China--From a Canadian teacher Judy Cairns

PART II-the Journey --"The Second Year of Teaching and Living in South China" From Louisa and Richard Wright

"Thanks No. 1 Middle School of Xia Jin"---From Kevin, Roselyn and Chevonne Cutting family (KEEP)

"An Experience of Teaching English With The Buckland Group And China"--Tara and Joshua

"Stepping into the unknown"--Arron Dorset

"Teaching English in 'real' China"-- Helene and Raymond Stander

"Teaching English in small town in Northern China"--Amy, Cathy, Margaret,Caroline

"Teaching English in China again...."-- David Papier

"I have been working in China for almost six months and plan to sign an additional one- year contract."-- Andrew Grady

"My first teaching year in China"--Ryan Arts

Our First Week in China -- "The first year of Teaching and Living in North-East China" From Louisa and Richard Wright

"The experiences I've had since being here are amazing......" -- Sara Seggie

Teaching Life in China-- Monica Manuel

Teaching English in Pinguolu -- Danna Kendzierski

"The life has a resort quality about it. What a wonderful place to spend our first four days in China!" - Hediei Mussle

"My students have taught me much about dedication, commitment, the strive for achievement and the need to excel....."-- Jackie Price

"To all those pondering over the brilliant idea of teaching in China" --Sara Seggie

Teach in China with Buckland - Richard Carter

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