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1. First go to a visa agent (travel agent) or Chinese embassy/consulate to get a "Z" (work visa) or "F" (education & culture exchange visa) visa with our invitation paper.

2. Book your air ticket to Guilin airport (KWL). Major cities in Europe and the US have direct flights to Guangzhou, Beijing, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. From these cities, you can then make a simple connecting flight to the Guilin airport.

3. E-mail us your flight number and arrival time, so we will meet you at Guilin airport.

4. Note down all of our telephone numbers and contact information on your notebook, in case of flight delays

Work Visa "Z" Application
Method one

1. First prepare your application documents, including passport copy, resume, photo, application letter, copies of your notarized degree and no-criminal record, teaching certificate or teaching refence letter, and the health check report (get the form from the local China embassy or download from our website).

2. Then email the documents to us. After we get them, we will go to the immigration office to apply for the work visa permit paper. It takes us about two weeks to obtain the invitation letters. Then we will email you digital work permit and invitation letters as soon as possible.

3. While you are waiting for the last step to be completed, please contact a visa agent or check the Chinese embassy's site for documents to be prepared for obtaining a "Z" visa with the embassy.

4. Print the documents that we mailed to you and other necessary documents to go to the Chinese embassy to get a "Z" visa with our invitation paper, or you can send all the documents to your visa agent and let them do all the work.

Method two

1. First get "L" (Tourist Visa) on your own or You can directly fly to Hongkong to apply for a one or two month "L" visa from the Hongkong visa office.

2. As soon as you arrive at Buckland, we will arrange you for a physical examination in Guilin. Then go to Hongkong with our "Z" visa work permit and the health cert to obtain a "Z" visa there within two days.

Culture & Education Exchange visa (F) Application

Same procedure as the "Z" visa application. However, after we secure your "F" visa invitation letter, we will scan and email them to you instead of mailing, because original invitation documents are not required for "F" visa.

Always remember to renew your visa at least TWO WEEKS before it expires.

Travel Tips:

http://www.bucklandgroup.org/sub/Images/how2come2.jpgThere are many trains that make their way to Guilin from the other parts of China. Please check your train ticket if it will arrive at Guilin (South) Railway Station or Guilin North Railway Station

From right outside of Guilin (South) train station, you can then take a bus directly to Yangshuo, from 7am to 10pm every 15 - 25 minutes with 110 minutes driving and 25 yuan per person. Express buses depart from the Guilin bus station which is one bus stop away from Guilin South train station, and the tickets cost 30 yuan including insurance. The express buses are available from 7am to 8:30pm, every 15 - 25 minutes, with 90 minutes driving.

If you arrive at Guilin North Railway Station, you need to transfer by taxi to Guilin (South) Railway Station or Guilin Bus station and then take a bus to Yangshuo. Taxi fee ranges from 40 to 60 yuan.

Or contact us, we can arrange to pick you up at train station.

By bus

You can also travel to Yangshuo from Shenzhen or Guangzhou by bus.

Buses from Guangzhou to Yangshuo depart more than 20 times per day, are about 7 hours long, and cost approximately 130 - 160 yuan depending on which station you depart from and the type of bus you choose to take.

Buses from Shenzhen to Yangshuo depart 15 times per day, are about 9 hours long, and cost anywhere from 150 - 250 yuan depending on which Shenzhen station you depart from and the type of bus you choose to take.

Recommended website for cheap airfare:


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