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Buckland International Education Group, founded in 1999 is a government-licensed, private education recruitment and management organization. Our headquarters is in Hong Kong, and the primary operation office is in Yangshuo, Guilin. We have also developed 5 branch offices in Hunan, Shan Xi, Sha'an Xi, Hainan.

Our mission is to promote educational cooperation and cross-cultural understanding between Chinese and westerners through its educational programs, and to accelerate the English education reform in China.

Buckland program objectives are:

  • To promote the Chinese and English Bilingual Education in China
  • To enhance cross- cultural communication and cooperation between China and western countries
  • To advocate a national English education reform characterized as communicative and practical English teaching and learning
  • To improve the qualifications of English teachers national wise, including Chinese and foreign teachers in China

Buckland International Education Group

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