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Volunteer English Teachers (V.E.T.) is a registered Chinese charity and volunteer organization. It was founded in October 2004 by Laurie MacKenzie, a former Canadian professor and Owen Buckland, the CEO of the Buckland International Education Group.

V.E.T. is dedicated to place volunteer English teachers in China’s low economic status schools to provide students in poverty an equal learning opportunity. Since the establishment of V.E.T., over 1000  English speaking volunteers have given hundreds of instruction hours to our village schools and  allowed Chinese students the exposure to English language, different cultures and the opportunity to mix with people from all over the world. For a few days, a week, or a month, our volunteer teachers and Chinese students have brought life-changing experiences to each other.

All of our staff are volunteers who do not receive any remuneration for their work. As the primary sponsor, Buckland has been providing comprehensive financial and administrative supports to V.E.T. on the aspects of visa paperwork, transportation, accommodation, school placement for V.E.T. volunteers.

Join us if you are looking for a rewarding vacation in one of the most beautiful regions in China.

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